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OPC基金会和Sercos国际发布Sercos OPC UA配套规范

OPC Foundation and Sercos International release Sercos OPC UA Companion Specification
OPC基金会和Sercos国际发布Sercos OPC UA配套规范

July 26, 2017 - The OPC Foundation and Sercos International announced that the Sercos OPC UA Companion Specification Release is now available. This specification describes the mapping of the Sercos device model and the Sercos device profiles to OPC UA, so that functions and parameters of Sercos devices are made accessible via OPC UA in a vendor-independent manner. This initiative aims at simplifying the communication between machine periphery and supervisory IT systems and to support the requirements of Industrie 4.0 regarding semantic interoperability. The OPC Foundation and Sercos International started their collaboration with the common aim to improve the machine integration and to simplify the communication between machine periphery and higher-level IT systems.

2017年7月26日——OPC基金会和Sercos国际宣布,Sercos OPC UA配套规范版本现已推出。本规范描述了Sercos设备模型和Sercos设备配置文件映射到OPC UA,使得Sercos设备的功能和参数可以通过OPC UA以独立于供应商的方式访问。该计划旨在简化机器外围和监控IT系统之间的通信,并支持工业 4.0关于语义互操作性的要求。 OPC基金会和Sercos国际已经开始合作,其共同目标是改进机器集成,并简化机器外围设备和更高级IT系统之间的通信。

“In today’s manufacturing systems automation devices & systems from many different manufacturers have to be integrated and maintained, resulting in significant total cost of ownership (TCO) during the entire product life cycle. At the same time product planning and control require process and machine related information to facilitate the efficient use of the manufacturing resources. This challenge can be faced best with a standardized mapping which brings together the well-defined semantics of Sercos with the OPC UA Sercos information model. Use cases cover a broad range from device parametrization and network configuration up to energy management and preventive maintenance”, states Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International.

Sercos国际董事总经理Peter Lutz表示,“在当今的制造系统中,必须整合和维护许多不同制造商的自动化设备和系统,从而在整个产品生命周期内产生显著的总体拥有成本(TCO)。同时,产品规划和控制需要流程和机器的相关信息,让制造资源得到有效利用。通过标准化映射可以最大限度地应对这一挑战,该映射将Sercos定义明确的语义与OPC UA Sercos信息模型结合在一起。应用案例涵盖范围广泛,从设备参数化和网络配置,到能源管理以及预防性维护。”

The mapping rules specified by Sercos can be used for different implementation approaches. On the one hand, the OPC UA server functionality can be implemented in a Sercos master device (e.g. CNC or PLC). On the other hand, it is possible to transfer this functionality to a Sercos slave device. In the latter case, the OPC UA accesses are executed in parallel to the Sercos real-time communication or even without any Sercos real-time communication. Thus, a consistent communication with OPC UA down to the field level is possible without abandoning the hard-real-time communication of the Sercos automation bus.

Sercos制定的映射规则可用不同的实施方法。一方面,OPC UA服务器功能可以在Sercos主设备(例如CNC或PLC)中实现。另一方面,可以将该功能传送到Sercos从设备。在后面这种情况,OPC UA访问可以与Sercos实时通信甚至无需任何Sercos实时通信的条件下同时执行。因此,在不放弃Sercos自动化总线硬实时通信的情况下,与现场总线级的OPC UA保持一致是可能的。



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