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Siemens announces expansion of Technical Application Center

With digitalization and the rapid changes in technology, training is more important than ever to keep employees’ skills up to date with the newest industrial technologies. In support of this need, Siemens announced the expansion of its Technical Application Center (TAC) which offers machine tool dealers, importers and end-users of Sinumerik CNCs a range of learning opportunities including classroom training, online instructor-led training, and online self-paced training.

随着数字化和技术的快速变化,为了保持员工技能跟得上最新的工业技术发展,培训比以往任何时候都更重要。为了满足这一需求,西门子宣布扩大其技术应用中心(TAC),该中心为Sinumerik 数控机床经销商、进口商和终端用户提供了一系列学习机会,包括课堂培训、在线指导培训,以及在线自助针对性培训。

Operating since 2009, the TAC provides a setting for enhancing CNC machining knowledge. Occupying more than 3,150 square feet of dedicated space at the Elk Grove Village, Illinois facility, the TAC is a short ride from O’Hare International Airport. The newly expanded Machine Lab now features three milling machines and one turning center for hands-on learning, plus a Kuka robotic center, and NX-CAM training station.

自2009年以来,西门子技术应用中心提供了数控机床加工知识系列课程。该中心占地面积超3,150平方英尺,位于伊利诺伊州Elk Grove村,距离奥黑尔国际机场车程很短。新扩建的机器实验室现拥有三台铣床和一个实践车削中心,另外还有一个库卡机器人中心以及NX-CAM训练站。

Two state-of-the-art classrooms provide students with instructor-led, hands-on training using our exclusive SinuTrain software and Sinumerik CNC simulators.

两个最先进的教室使用我们独家的SinuTrain软件和Sinumerik CNC模拟器,为学生提供指导实践培训。

Siemens offers professional-level training courses ranging from Sinumerik Operation and Programming to Sinumerik service and maintenance.  In addition, the following advanced training classes are offered:


• Mixed technology operation and programming
• NC programming
• Multi–channel operation and programming
• Advanced measuring cycles
• Post-processor development
• PLC commissioning and service
• 4th-axis integration
• Part and tool probe installation


In addition to the expansion of the TAC, a virtual TAC is also available to individuals looking to expand their CNC knowledge.  The virtual TAC is open to anyone and available at no cost allowing individuals to watch professional-series webinars online.


Utilizing SinuTrain CNC simulation software, these webinars will demonstrate how to maximize investments in Sinumerik CNC right from the comfort of one’s own computer. Live training webinars are presented monthly by Siemens Sinumerik experts, covering a range of insights, techniques and processes. Webinar topics range from Milling and Turning, to General Operations, Maintenance and Service. Attendees will also benefit from Q&A sessions following the main presentation. 

利用SinuTrain CNC仿真软件,这些网络研讨会将演示如何从自己计算机的适合度中最大限度地投资Sinumerik CNC。西门子Sinumerik专家每月提供现场培训网络研讨会,涵盖一系列见解、技术和流程。网络研讨会主题范围从铣削和车削到一般操作、维护以及服务。在主要演讲之后,参会者还将受益于问答环节。

All past webinars are available for ongoing career development and viewing in the ever-expanding archive library.


Virtual one-on-one, custom tailored training courses can be requested for larger user groups looking to enhance specific skills of their programmer and operator teams.




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