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Schneider Electric helps bring process automation systems to Nigerian oil refinery

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, has signed a contract to provide process automation systems, solutions and services to Dangote Oil Refinery Ltd., a subsidiary of African business conglomerate Dangote Group. Under the terms of the agreement, Schneider Electric will supply its EcoStruxure system architecture and platform, comprising its EcoStruxure Foxboro distributed control system, Triconex process safety solutions, PIONIR analytical fuels blending systems and a suite of SimSci and Wonderware software solutions, including its unified supply chain management and operations management software, to drive supply chain and operational efficiency, reliability and profitability improvements at Dangote’s greenfield refinery in Lagos, Nigeria.

全球能效管理和自动化领域专家施耐德电气签署了一项合同,为非洲商业机构丹格特集团(Dangote Group)的子公司丹格特炼油有限公司提供过程自动化系统、解决方案以及服务。根据协议条款,施耐德电气将提供其EcoStruxure系统架构和平台,包括其EcoStruxure Foxboro分布式控制系统,Triconex过程安全解决方案,PIONIR分析燃料混合系统以及一套包括统一供应链管理和运营管理软件的SimSci和Wonderware软件解决方案,以提升丹格特在尼日利亚拉各斯新建炼油厂的供应链,以及运营效率、可靠性和盈利能力。

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, open and interoperable system architecture and platform across connected products, edge control and apps, analytics, and services. The EcoStruxure architecture enables scalable design and operation of connected systems with cybersecurity built in at every layer.


“While Nigeria is the world’s eighth largest producer and exporter of crude oil, we still import nearly 80 percent of our petroleum products,” said Devakumar V. G. Edwin, group executive director, strategy, capital projects and portfolio development, Dangote Industries Ltd. “Once completed in 2019, however, the Dangote Refinery will be the world’s largest single train refinery capable of producing 33 million tons of various liquid products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel and other petrochemicals every year. Not only is that enough to meet all of Nigeria’s consumption needs each and every day, we will have a surplus of each of these products for export.”

“尽管尼日利亚是世界第八大原油生产和出口国时,但我们近80%的石油产品仍然是进口的,” 丹格特实业公司负责战略、资本项目和投资组合拓展的集团执行董事Devakumar V. G. Edwin说道。“2019年投产之后,丹格特炼油厂将是世界上最大的单系列炼油厂,每年可生产3300万吨各种液体产品,包括汽油、柴油、煤油、航空燃料和其他石化产品。这不仅足以满足尼日利亚的每日消费需求,而且我们的每一产品都有过剩的以供出口。” 

Because it will be a single train facility, any interruption or shutdown in operations at the Dangote Refinery would decrease output from 650,000 barrels a day to zero. Recognizing the need to safeguard their continuous operations, Dangote Oil Refinery Ltd. chose Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS and Triconex process safety solutions—which include emergency shutdown systems—to maximize the safety and efficiency of their operations and to improve the reliability of their equipment assets and asset sets. PIONIR process analyzers will improve process optimization, asset protection and compliance with environmental regulations. And advanced SimSci and Wonderware software will be implemented both to unify planning and scheduling and to improve real-time data collection and analysis, further optimizing operations and product blending. When combined, the integrated suite of systems and software solutions will help the Dangote Refinery gain real-time control of all its business variables.

因为丹格特炼油厂将是一个单系列工厂,任何运营中断或停机都会导致产量从每天65万桶降至零。意识到需要保护他们的持续运营,丹格特炼油有限公司选择了施耐德电气的EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS和Triconex过程安全解决方案(包括紧急关闭系统),以最大限度地提高运营的安全性和效率,并提高其设备资产的可靠性和资产组合。PIONIR过程分析仪将改善流程优化、资产保护和遵守环境法规。先进的SimSci和Wonderware软件将实施统一规划和调度,并改进实时数据收集和分析,进一步优化操作和产品混合。组合后,集成系统和软件解决方案将帮助丹格特炼油厂实时控制其所有业务变量。

“Maintaining continuously safe, reliable and efficient refinery operations will help us reach our national goal of reducing petroleum products imports and increasing our energy independence, which could help increase our country’s foreign exchange by up to $5.5 million and reduce oil imports by up to $7.5 million,” Edwin said.

Edwin 表示,“维持持续安全、可靠和高效的炼油作业将有助于我们达到国家减少石油产品进口的目标,增加我们的能源独立性,帮助我国增加550万美元的外汇,同时减少750万美元的石油进口。”

To ensure its refinery continually runs smoothly and at full capacity, Dangote Oil Refinery Ltd. sought high-end solutions that both mitigate risks and hazards and prevent unscheduled downtime.


As part of the agreement, Schneider Electric has created a task force between its Nigerian office and its engineering office in India, which has successfully implemented critical control and safety systems for some of the largest refineries in the world. This level of experience and expertise, coupled with Schneider Electric’s commitment to providing local support, made the company Dangote’s top choice. Schneider Electric will also provide design, engineering and installation services.




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