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Aveva to combine with Schneider Electric Industrial Software Business

September 5, 2017 – UK engineering software company Aveva has agreed to merge with the software business of France’s Schneider Electric – a deal that will create a London-listed firm worth over £3bn.


It marks the third attempt by the two companies to complete a tie-up, and will represent Britain’s biggest technology deal this year, according to Reuters.


Under the terms of the transaction, Schneider will take a 60 per cent stake in the new group, creating a “global leader in engineering and industrial software”. As such, the agreement will be structured as a so-called reverse takeover.


The French company will pay Aveva around 858 pence per share, or £550m in cash, and the tie-up is expected to be completed around the end of 2017. The new group’s combined headquarters will be in Cambridge, where Aveva’s currently are, and the two parties are currently in the process of selecting a new chief executive officer.


James Kidd, the current CEO of Aveva, will remain in his role until a replacement is found, at which time he will be appointed deputy CEO and chief financial officer.

Aveva现任首席执行官James Kidd将继续担任现职,直到替补人选到位,届时他将被任命为副总裁兼首席财务官。

" We are delighted to have reached agreement on the Combination with the Schneider Electric Software Business,” said Philip Aiken, chairman of Aveva, “The transaction will be transformational to Aveva, creating a global leader in industrial software, which will be able to better compete on a global scale. Aveva will significantly expand its scale and product portfolio, increase its capabilities in the owner operator market, diversify its end user markets and increase its geographic exposure to the North American market, in line with our strategic goals.”

“我们很高兴与施耐德电气软件业务合并达成协议,”Aveva董事长Philip Aiken表示,“该交易将变革Aveva,使其成为全球工业软件领导者,并在全球范围内更好地参与竞争。Aveva将大幅扩大其规模和产品组合,增加其运营商市场的能力,使其终端用户市场多样化,并根据我们的战略目标增强其在北美市场的布局。”

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric said: “We believe that through increased scale and complementary footprint, the transaction will generate synergies that will benefit customers and shareholders alike."

施耐德电气董事会主席兼首席执行官赵国华(Jean-Pascal Tricoire)表示:“我们相信,通过扩大规模和互补性,这笔交易将产生协同效应,从而有利于客户和股东。” 

Aveva was founded in 1967 as a spin-off from Cambridge University. It provides software for the oil, shipping and power sectors. Schneider is a multinational company, operational in over 100 countries.




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