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HANNOVER MESSE announces Sweden as 2019 Partner Country

April 24, 2018 - In 2019, Sweden will feature as the official Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE, a trade fair for industrial technology. This was announced at the formal signing of the partnership agreement by Fredrik Fexe, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, at Business Sweden (the Swedish Trade and Invest Council), and Marc Siemering, Deutsche Messe’s Senior Vice President for Industry, Energy & Logistics, HANNOVER MESSE & CeMAT.

2018年4月24日——2019年,瑞典将成为工业技术交易会汉诺威工业博览会的正式合作伙伴国。这是瑞典贸易与投资委员会战略与业务发展执行副总裁Fredrik Fexe与德国汉诺威展览公司负责汉诺威工业博览会&汉诺威国际物流展工业、能源和物流业务高级副总裁Marc Siemering正式签署合作协议时宣布的。

Every year, a different Partner Country is honored at HANNOVER MESSE. This not only attracts huge attention for the featured nation on the part of visitors and journalists, but also sparks lots of discourse at the highest levels of government. In its Partner Country role, Sweden is taking over from Mexico as the nation featured in 2018.


“Sweden’s government and industry are clearly committed to pursuing the digital transformation,” observed Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe, adding: “This makes Sweden a perfect match for HANNOVER MESSE.”

“瑞典政府和工业界明确承诺实施数字化转型,”德国汉诺威展览公司董事局主席Jochen Köckler博士说道,“这使得瑞典与汉诺威工业博览会完美契合。”

The relations between Sweden and Germany were intensified through a bilateral partnership on innovation signed in early 2017. The partnership entails cooperation at government, economic and institutional levels in the areas of mobility, digital advancement of industry, joint research activities and testbed projects for Industry 4.0, as well as the promotion of digitization and automation in small and medium-sized enterprises.


The Swedish economy is growing steadily. Sweden ranks highly in international comparisons on everything from business climate to start-ups, innovation and quality of life. A long tradition of business savvy and high levels of education coupled with supportive government policies have made the country home to a vibrant start-up community and to many brands in the world, including Volvo, Electrolux, Ericsson, IKEA and H&M.


In 2018, Forbes named Sweden the world’s best country for doing business and the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index ranked Sweden as the most competitive economy in the world. Having produced tech giants such as Spotify, Klarna, Skype, King and iZettle, Stockholm is an undeniable tech hotspot. In fact, per capita Sweden’s capital is the biggest unicorn factory in the world after Silicon Valley. Sweden also ranks as the most innovative nation in the European Union and tops the list for R&D personnel as a proportion of the labor force. Gender equality, openness and lack of corruption are other dimensions where Sweden is world-leading and which contribute to Sweden having the “best reputation in the world”, according to the Country RepTrak Index.




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